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Ramadan-should be month of peace and harmony

06 May 2019 Afghanistan Times

With commencing of holy month of Ramadan, almost countrymen

are expecting peace and harmony and for the purpose eagerly waiting for the

announcement from Taliban group. Couple of days back, President Dr. Ashraf

Ghani while delivering speech to concluding sitting of the consultative Loya

Jirga has not only requested ceasefire but even he announced release of around

175 persons convicted by courts in various terror and violent acts. He on such

occasion asked Taliban leaders to choose a place for receiving these people.

Similarly, former President Hamid Karzai since a long praying for peace and

tranquility. He did everting under his capacity while running affairs of the

country and at the moment he is the most vocal in favor of intra-Afghan

dialogue, which is the sole way to resolve decades old conflict and

hostilities. Likewise, is the views and wishes of almost religious-Jihadic

leaders who also wants an end to turmoil and now in favor of broad based

reconciliation in the motherland. No one can deny the fact that there are

divisions on political issues in the country but there exists complete

consensus and unity on the issue of violence, peace and reconciliation. A few

individual just for meeting their nefarious designs are creating hurdles. But

these few individuals are playing in hands of some external forces and at

behest of these external forces, they are fueling tension and creating hurdles

before the peace efforts. Over whelming majority of Afghanistan are Muslims and

they are well aware that Islam is the religion of peace, patience and harmony.

Islam doesn’t allow violence and aggression against any one. All Taliban

leaders are genuine Muslims, even majority of them are highly qualified

scholars and well aware about Quran and Ahadith. Now when the holy month of

Ramadan commenced in all over Afghanistan, therefore, Taliban leaders needs to

demonstrate-demonstrate their faith in Islamic obligations and

norms-demonstrate patience and harmony for the war stricken countrymen who have

been made fed up by prolonged wars and hostilities. It is the time for Taliban

leadership to determine their faith in sovereignty and solidarity of the

motherland as the United States has already made mind for pulling its troops

out of Afghanistan. And the declaration of ceasefire in honour of holy month of

Ramadan like of past year could be a stepping stone towards further boosting

and strengthening of intra-Afghan dialogues, which is the sole way for

declaration of country-wide reconciliation. 

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