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Afghan presidential candidates call for Ghani to step down next week

13 May 2019 1TV News

2019-05-13 | 32 second ago

Majority of Afghan presidential candidates have called for President Ashraf Ghani to step down as soon his mandate ends on May 22.

The presidential election, originally scheduled for April this year, has been postponed twice now to September 28.

Ghani has vowed he will stay in office until the election. Last month, Supreme Court issued a ruling in his favour.

However, 15 presidential candidates have said that a caretaker government should be formed after Ghani’s term ends on May 22.

Candidate Faramarz Tamana said that the constitution is clear about the president’s term. He said that the establishment of National Unity Government itself was illegal.

Candidate Shahab Hakimi said that the president’s term could be extended if he withdraws from running for second term.

Afghanistan Lawyers’ Association also said that extension of the National Unity Government beyond May 22 is illegal.

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, who is also a candidate, said that a mechanism should be created for prevention of misuse of government resources in election campaign.

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