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Afghan Parliament to elect Its Administrative Board Tomorrow

15 May 2019 Ariana News

After the Independent Election Commission announced the final result of Kabul parliamentary elections late last night, the lower house of parliament is expected to hold the election of its administrative board on Thursday.

Rohullah Khanzada, Mirwais Yasini, Mir Rahman Rahmani, Waqif Hakimi, Sediq Ahmad Osmani, Arif Noorzai, and Kamal Naser Osuli are possible candidates for the position of Speaker of the House.

At the beginning of this week, lawmakers wanted to elect the administrative board and the Speaker of the House but protesting candidates of Kabul and their supporters staged a protest and prevented them to enter the National Assembly.

Protesting candidates argued that any decision in the absence of Kabul representatives is illegal.

At the same time, Mohammad Alam Izadyar, Deputy Speaker of the Upper House of Parliament called on the lawmakers to accelerate the selection process of its administrative board in order to start the legislative works.

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