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Eurovision Presidential Debate: EU top job hopefuls make their pitch to replace Jean-Claude Juncker

15 May 2019 euronews

The candidates in the race to replace Jean-Claude Juncker will be quizzed during a special debate in Brussels tonight.

You can watch live on this page from 21h CEST.

The panel will include: Nico Cue (European Left); Ska Keller (European Green Party); Jan Zahradil (Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe); Margrethe Vestager (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe); Manfred Weber (European People’s Party) and Frans Timmermans (Party of European Socialists).

It's not the first time you would have seen some of these faces on Euronews. Over recent weeks, we've been speaking to those in the running to be the next European Commission president. You can explore what they said to us, below.

Frans Timmermans (Party of European Socialists)

Timmermans, the lead candidate of the Party of European Socialists (PES), believes we need to improve and adapt the EU to the challenges it faces and will face in the future.

He told Euronews we need to defend European values such as women's rights, adding he thinks other world powers are trying to impose their beliefs upon Europe through commercial measures to weaken the bloc politically.

Ska Keller (European Green Party)

Keller, the European Greens' frontrunner, criticised the misrepresentation of people in the European Parliament. She explained that the parliament is mostly populated by men in their fifties or older, which does not reflect our society and she thinks everybody should be represented. The Greens' politician wants to represent young people and listen to their needs and opinions in her work.

Violeta Tomic (European Left)

In the European Left's (EL) manifesto, it's clear that the party wants the EU to fight neo-liberalism and to tackle topics such as globalisation, world peace, democracy and social justice, gender equality and promote a self-determined life of people with disabilities. Nico Cue will represent EL in Wednesday's debate.

Guy Verhofstadt

President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE group) Verhofstadt told Euronews he wants to defend democracy and equality at a time of rising nationalism, which he sees as threatening Europe's fundamental values. He wants to combat gender inequality, gender-based violence and sexual harassment. Margrethe Vestager will represent ALDE in Wednesday's debate.

Jan Zahradil

An eager rock fan, Zahradil, 56, compared the bloc to a "broken record" and has made "let's retune the EU" the cornerstone of his election campaign.


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