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MPs Attempt to Elect New Parliament Speaker Gives No Result

16 May 2019 Ariana News

Afghan lawmakers on Thursday put ballot boxes to elect the Speaker of the House but none of the candidates were able to obtain over a half of the votes cast.

Omar Naseer Mujadidi, Kamal Naser Osuli, Mir Rahman Rahmani, and Mirwais Yasini contested against each other while no one secured the fifty percent plus one vote.

However, MP Mir Rahman Rahmani with 75 votes and MP Kamal Naser Osuli with 69 votes secured the highest votes out of 277 casted votes.

The two candidates will compete on Saturday as the election went into a second round.

If any of the candidates failed to secure the majority of the votes, other candidates will nominate themselves for another round of the competition.

This comes a day after the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the final result of Kabul parliamentary elections.

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