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New MPs Fail To Elect Parliament Speaker

16 May 2019 Tolo News

New lawmakers in the Afghan parliament, the Wolesi Jirga, on Thursday convened an extraordinary session to elect the house speaker and the administrative board but none of the four candidates got adequate votes to secure the seat.

Their special session was held just a day after the Election Commission announced the final results of Kabul elections, which was seemed as a hurdle for the election of the administrative board and the speaker.

Four MPs including Mir Rahman Rahmani, Kamal Naser Osuli, Mirwais Yasini and Omar Nasir Mujadadedi were competing for securing the seat of the house speaker.

At least 242 MPs were present at the session.

From the four candidates, Rahmani got 75 votes, Osuli 69 votes, Yasini 59 and Mujaddedi got seven votes. The two last candidates were removed from the list and in the next round, Osuli and Rahmani will compete for the position.

“Please postpone this to Saturday so our friends can do their campaign,” said Qazi Nazir Hanafi, an MP.

This comes few weeks after President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated the 17th legislative term of the Afghan parliament.

Based on the law, the parliament should have been inaugurated last year in March, but it was delayed due to “controversies” around the October parliamentary elections.

The Independent Election Commission announced Kabul parliamentary elections results on Tuesday, May 14.

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