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HID-AIDS viruses have increased the Sindh state of Pakistan

17 May 2019 Pasbanan

Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Abdul Nazir Qaderi

According to Pakistani media reports, AIDS Virus has risen in the villages of Pakistan Sindh state. Pakistani media continue to report that the increase in this dangerous disease for rural residents of Sindh, which are largely incapable and they are suffering from poor economic, has become a serious concern to the villagers of the area, and now the lack of attention by the state and central government for this issue has raised the anger of local residents.

Meanwhile, reports show that at least 400 AIDS cases in the Sindh province have been registered in the past week. Pakistan is from semi-poor countries in South Asia, which is more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases than its citizens. The Ministry of Public Health of Pakistan (MoPH) has said that the number of people who were infected with AIDS has increased due to sexual harassment in Punjab, Pakistan.

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