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Security Officials Vow to Foil Taliban Spring Offensive

26 May 2019 The Killid Group

Addressing a ceremony on introducing new commander of Special Operation Forces in Kabul Saturday, Acting Defense Minister Assadullah Khalid exclaimed the Taliban failed to succeed in declared spring offense, and made no progress in harming the country.

Dubbing the Afghan forces heroes of the country, Khalid said the militants – including those backing them – could not do any harm to Afghanistan since the beginning of the year.

"This year, the enemies along with their foreign supporters were not able to change anything in Afghanistan. This all shows your heroism and sacrifices," he said as quoted by local media.

Khalid appreciating the efforts and sacrifices made by the Afghan forces in battlefield, vowed to provide full support in foiling the Taliban's operations and terrorist acts across the country.

"We always appreciate your heroism. It is our responsibility to fully support you," he said.

Meanwhile, the new commander of the Afghan SOF Mohammad Fareed Ahmadi warned the Taliban to stop fighting security forces; and embrace peace with people of the nation.

"Together we will change the trend of war to peace in support of the Afghan people," he said. "I'm warning the Taliban fighters. Do not kill yourself for no reason. Have mercy on your families," local media reported.

·        UN Condemns Taliban Notice of Spring Offensive

Taliban's spring offensive was announced on April, days after government's security plan. Following the offensive announcement, war intensified in a number of provinces, however, Khalid said the group has made no progress since then.

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