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Mahsa Murderers Sentence to 30 Years Jail

26 May 2019 The Killid Group

Kabul (The Killid) – Afghanistan primary court has sentenced Sajjad Aqa and Ruhullah to 30 years jail on Sunday in accordance with the Article 114 of the Panel Code – who were charged with murder of little Mahsa early March.

Abdulwares Ehsan Poor, head of the Kabul’s 2nd District Court, said defendants not obtaining legal age caused the death penalty not to be imposed by the authorities.

The victim's father Murtaza Ahmadi disagree with the decision cited to public, and says the perpetrators should suffer death penalty by the court.

Meanwhile, victim's lawyer Sana Akbari accused officials of not investigating the case thoroughly, and said prosecutions did not take place on time.

·        Police Nab 2 Suspect Charged with Murder of Little Mahsa

On March 13, 2019, the Kabul police have arrested two suspects charged with murder of a six-year-old girl Mahsa, who first kidnapped the victim in PD11 of Kabul city for $300,000 cash.

Sayed Mohammad Roshandil, Kabul police commander, during a press conference said local police have arrested the two suspects, who confessed their crime when investigated.

According to Roshandil, one of the suspect lives in a neighboring residence of the victim – who in cooperation with one of his colleagues – have plotted a plan and succeeded in kidnapping Mahsa and transferred to Panjsad Family (location in the capital).

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