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First Ever Scorpion Venom Production in Afghanistan

30 May 2019 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

An Afghan businessman in

Herat has invested USD 500,000 in scorpion form. This is the first time ever

Afghanistan is producing scorpion venom.

The farm has collected 22,000

scorpions from different types from various parts of Herat.

The venom, one of the most valuable

liquids in the world, is exported to US, Europe and Arabic countries.

“Scorpion venom is used in

cancer treatment and also as antibiotics,” said Akbar Darwish, head of this

farm, in an exclusive interview with Tolo News.

The farm collects 300 grams

of venom every three months.

Scorpion venom is worth $39

million per gallon in the world market.

The venom contains chlorotoxin

which is helpful for identifying specific size and location of certain tumors.

Researchers have used

scorpine to eliminate malaria in mosquitoes.

Also found in scorpion venom

is the Kaliotoxin which has been given to rats to fight bone disease. Scientists

are hopeful that it could help humans as well.

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