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Multiple Kabul blasts kill one, wound 17

02 Jun 2019 Al Jazeera

Three explosions struck the Afghan capital, including a magnetic bomb attached to a bus carrying university students that killed at least one person, officials said.

The bus explosion wounded 10 people, Nasrat Rahimi, spokesman for the interior ministry, said on Sunday. 

Two roadside bombs were detonated about 20 minutes later, wounding seven more people, including five security forces in the same residential area of western Kabul.

"In total, one Afghan civilian was martyred and 17 others, including a local journalist and five Afghan forces, have been slightly wounded," Rahimi said.

Several houses and shops around the blast sites were damaged, and security forces blocked all roads leading to the areas.

Wahidullah Mayar, spokesman for the public health ministry, said at least four women were wounded in the bus bombing and had been taken to hospitals. 


No one immediately claimed responsibility for the Kabul attacks. Both the Taliban and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, ISIS) launch regular assaults in the capital. 

Violence continues

Eight Afghan police were killed on Saturday and seven others wounded in a Taliban suicide attack in the eastern Ghazni city, provincial police spokesman Ahmad Khan Seera told AFP news agency. 

Even though the Taliban and the US are set to begin a new round of peace talks in Doha this month, violence across Afghanistan continues unabated, with civilians often bearing the brunt of the bloodshed

On Friday, a Taliban car bomber killed at least four Afghan civilians and lightly wounded four US troops in an attack on a US convoy in Kabul.

A day earlier, at least six people were killed and 16 more wounded in an ISIL-claimed suicide blast outside a military academy in the capital.

And eight Afghan police were killed Saturday and seven others wounded in a suicide attack in the eastern Ghazni city, provincial police spokesman Ahmad Khan Seera told AFP news agency.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had proposed a nationwide ceasefire at the start of Ramadan early last month, but the Taliban rejected the offer.

Last year, the Taliban observed a three-day ceasefire over Eid and many Afghans - exhausted by decades of war and violence - had pinned their hopes on another truce this year.

Taliban head Haibatullah Akhunzada said Saturday there would be no "cold water" poured on the group's military efforts.

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