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Afghan forces kill 12 Haqqani network commanders

10 Jun 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report

KABUL: At least 43 insurgents, 12 commanders of Haqqani Terrorist

Network among them, have been killed in separate operations carried out by

National Directorate of Security (NDS) operatives in southern Khost and eastern

Nangarhar provinces, the spy agency said Monday in a statement.

The Special Forces Unit of NDS targeted the safe-haven of

Haqqani Terrorist Network in Sabri district of Khost province, in which 12

commanders and group leaders of the notorious extremist group were killed, the

statement added.

The killed rebels have been involved in several terrorist

activities and were highly engaged in transferring weapons and ammunition to

other terrorist groups, the statement furthered.

Another Haqqani insurgent received injuries and other three

caught red-handed during operation, the statement added, saying some ammunition

and weapons have also been confiscated.

Similarly, at least three Pakistani commanders of the

Taliban and their 30 comrades were killed in eastern Nangarhar province,

official confirmed Monday.

Provincial Governor Office said the NDS Special Forces

struck the Taliban’s strongholds in Kodikhel area of Shirzad district on Sunday

night, in which three Pakistani commanders and 30 Taliban militants were killed.

In addition to that another 14 Taliban fighters were

wounded, the statement said, adding, Taliban’s provincial level communication

center and two strongholds have also destroyed.

The terrorist group was well-known to Badri that since

longtime was busy in destructive activities in the province.

furthermore, weapons, ammunitions, landmines, explosive

materials, and three vehicles belonging to these terrorist group were destroyed

during the attack.

It’s pertinent mentioning that this group had took shelter

to a mosque to target security forces, but the mosque remained safe after

operation concluded successfully.

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