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Historic Tower Collapses In Ghazni

11 Jun 2019 Tolo News

An ancient tower was collapsed in the central province of Ghazni province due to government’s inattention and recent rainfalls, residents said.

Footage on social media shows the moment when the tower collapses. The tower is part of the 32 towers of the Ghaznain Fort in the old city of Ghazni.

Many of the 32 towers have been destroyed over the past few years.

According to DW News’ Farsi section, at least one million euros was allocated to renovate the fort in 2012.

Local officials said a request is under process to be approved by the Ministry of Information and Culture to mitigate the threats to other towers in the ancient fort.

“The main highway is located near the fort, which affects the towers. Meanwhile, the fort is vulnerable to rainfalls and is mostly damaged by rains,” said Mohammad Saber Mohmand, a spokesman for Ministry of Information and Culture.

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