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Afghanistan to Attract 85% of Applicants in Universities

12 Jun 2019 The Killid Group

Students lined up in a row, as the Kankor examination is about to start for Kabul applicants.

KABUL (The Killid) – More than 85 percent of applicants will enter private and governmental universities this year, officials of the Ministry of Higher Education said.

According to the Ministry, some 300,000 applicants throughout the country are estimated to join the Kankor Exam (also university entrance test), of which 61 percent will be admitted to governmental university and the 24 percent to private universities.

Abdul Tawab Barekzai, Head of the Ministry of Higher Education, in a press conference Wednesday said, 52,000 people are taking the test in Kabul – women will compose 20,000.

Abdul Qader Khamosh, Head of National Exams Authority, said, "The Kankor exams has so far been taken without any problem, and trenchancy is being considered (during the tests)."

He further said they are attempting to announce the result in a month, after they complete taking tests in Kabul and Nangarhar provinces.

Miscellaneous exams will be taken in a few weeks, before announcing the results for Kabul and Nangarhar tests next month.

Meanwhile, applicants urge the Ministry of Higher Education to prevent any possible wrongdoings during the exams, and consider transparency.

They call for the Ministry officials to announce the results as soon as possible.

It comes at a time the country paved the way for applicants in at least 32 provinces to take their exams since the beginning of the Afghan calendar. The remaining two provinces, Kabul and Nangarhar yet to get through it.

Kabul's examinations will last for four days, then will proceed to Nangarhar province.

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