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6 ANA soldiers killed after foreign troops’ airstrikes in Kunduz

12 Jun 2019 Middle East Press

As a result of foreign troops’ airstrikes on ANA security bases in Imam-Saheb district of Kunduz Province, six ANA soldiers killed and seven were wounded.

The attack took place in Ismail Qeshlaq area of Imam Sahib District last night, chairman of the Kunduz Provincial Council Mohammad Yousuf Ayubi told Middle East Press.

Foreign troops targeted the Afghan National Army (ANA) base, killing six soldiers and wounding seven others, Ayubi added.

Meanwhile, Mahbobullah Saeedi, district governor of Imam Sahib confirmed the incident and casualties of the ANA soldiers, but did not provide detailed information on the exact numbers.

Foreign troops have not responded to this raid yet.

This is while foreign troops’ airstrikes have recently increased.

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