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Taliban Influence Religious Centers in West

13 Jun 2019 The Killid Group

HERAT (The Killid) – The Killid Group's study shows 490 religious centers in western provinces are not registered at the Ministry of Education, of which a number bears huge influence by Taliban.  

Officials in west said lack of government's attention on some districts in provinces and influence of the Taliban group on a number of private schools has failed the Ministry of Education to register these religious schools.

Abdul Fatah Neknam, Head of the Religious Study for local ministry for education, said to The Killid, "Directors of private religious schools – based on certain limitations such as implementation of government curriculum in their program – do not want their institutions be registered."

According to Neknam, officials of the Ministry due to security threats cannot reach institutions in far districts for monitoring and evaluation; as sources shows a number of these centers are being influenced by Taliban, mandating their own teachings and regulations.

Meanwhile, members of the provincial council considered unregistered institutions a major blow to inability of the government.

They believe presence of the Taliban in schools – besides expanding extremism – will pave the way for them to recruit members in frontline.

According to a statistic by the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, only 400 religious schools are registered from a total of 4,000 school nationwide.

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