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Afghanistan Hits Bottom of List among Peaceful Countries

13 Jun 2019 The Killid Group

Institute for Economics and Peace, in its annual report released Wednesday, put Iceland at top of the list among peaceful nations; followed by New Zealand, Austria, Portugal and Denmark respectively, brining Afghanistan down to bottom of the list.

Afghanistan showed up to be the last peaceful country in the list provided by IEP, as it described the 18-year fought war still on going with daily reports justifying enough to exclude the country from peaceful nations.

The Institute for Economics & Peace – a global think tank headquartered in Sydney, Australia with branches in New York, Mexico and The Hague – have made the survey in 162 countries.

"Afghanistan known to be the world’s most insecure country in the study, because the war in Afghanistan is now the worst war in the world," said Mohib Iqbal, a researcher at the Institute.

According to Iqbal, war between Afghan security forces and the Taliban in 2018 claimed 18,000 of both sides. Yet the war did not end, perhaps could constantly improve in the past three years.

Figures came amid struggles the country seeks for a political settlement and comprehensive ceasefire with the so-called Taliban

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