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Boris Johnson wins first round of voting in race to be next Conservative Party leader

13 Jun 2019 euronews

Boris Johnson has won the first round of voting in the race to be the next Conservative Pary leader and UK prime minister.

He got 114 votes from Tory MPs while the three candidates with the fewest were eliminated: Esther McVey, Andrea Leadsom and Mark Harper.

That means the seven who will go through to the next round of voting are all men.

They are: Environment minister Michael Gove, Health minister Matt Hancock, Foreign minister Jeremy Hunt, Interior minister Sajid Javid, Former foreign minister Boris Johnson, Former Brexit minister Dominic Raab, International development minister Rory Stewart.

The total number of votes cast was 313. Here's is the breakdown of the votes:

Michal Gove: 30

Matt Hancock: 20

Mark Harper: 10

Jeremy Hunt: 43

Sajid Javid: 23

Boris Johnson: 114

Andrea Leadsom: 11

Esther McVey: 9

Dominic Raab: 27

Rory Stewart: 19

Candidates needed at least 16 votes to get through to the second round.

The second round will take place on June 18 with additional ballots scheduled for June 19 and 20 until there are just two candidates left.

A postal ballot of the wider Conservative Party membership will then be held to pick a leader. A new prime minister should be chosen by the end of July.

Boris Johnson is the frontrunner to replace May according to bookies. His closest rivals are Jeremy Hunt, currently foreign minister, and Andrea Leadsom, former leader of the House of Commons.

For more on each of the candidates click here.

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