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NATO calls Taliban to sit in an intra-Afghan dialogue

14 Jun 2019 1TV News

2019-06-14 | 45 minute ago

We call upon the Taliban to sit in an intra-Afghan dialogue with fellow Afghans, the government of Afghanistan as soon as possible, said NATO Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan, Nicholas K, as visiting NATO Headquarters in Brussels this week.

Nicholas K said that Afghan people demand peace and want reduction in violence; thus, the Taliban should respect the will of Afghan people.

Afghanistan is at a historic moment, the opportunity for peace after 40 years of conflict is strong and real, said Nicholas K.

He further added that the Afghan National and Defense Security Forces that NATO trains, advises and assists are achieving on the battlefield what the Afghan people want, which is peace.

NATO allies and partners are united and strong to firm in their commitment to continue to support Afghans at this historic moment when they reach out for a lasting peace, said Nicholas K. and

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