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AFN is declining against USD

16 Jun 2019 Middle East Press

The value of the Afghan currency is falling against other foreign currencies compared to last week.

According to Economic Reports of Middle East Press; the Value of Afghan currency has declined against other currencies up to AFN 0.5 in Kabul Markets.

Last week, $1 was equal to AFN 79.60 but today is AFN 80.15.

Meanwhile, in recent weeks, the Central Bank has been spreading twice USD in Kabul markets.

The AFN exchange rate to other foreign currencies are as follows:

One dollar equals to 80.15 Afghanis

One Euro equals to 89.70 Afghanis

One UK Pound equals to 100 Afghanis.

One Saudi Rial equals to 21.25 Afghanis

One UAE Dirham equals to 21.70 Afghanis

One thousand Iranian Rial equal to 6 Afghanis

One thousand Indian Rupees equal to 1140 Afghanis

One thousand Pakistani Rupees equal to 526 Afghanis

According to the Kabul currency exchange markets, the rate of Afghani and other foreign currencies are changing momently.

The AFN exchange rate is falling while the Central Bank has recently announced an increase in the country’s monetary reserves, and because of false monetary policy, there is no effective monetary stability.

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