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Central Bank governor resigns

17 Jun 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report

KABUL: Khalil Seddiq resigend as governor of the Central

Bank, a move taken at a time that Afghani currency is suffering a great loss.

President Ashraf Ghani accepted the resignation letter of Seddiq,

officials said Monday.  

Aimal Hashour, spokesperson for Da Afghanistan Bank (a term

used in Afghanistan referring to Central Bank), called Mr. Seddiq’s illness as the

reason of his resignation. Seddiq took over the position in 2015.

The former chief of Da Afghanistan Bank was 70 year and was

born in Logar Province. He held a bachelor degree in economics and had previously

served as chief executive of International Bank of Afghanistan and served as

board member of the central bank.

Afghani currency keeps losing value against the powerful

international currencies particularly the US Dollar.

Seddiq argued that political and security situation in the

country and regional tension were driven-factors behind the drop of Afghani


Earlier media had reported that four to five billion dollars

were smuggled Iran through official channels. A reliable source revealed local

officials in western Herat borders were aware of the flow of dollars into Iran

and officials failed to stop the smuggling of dollar to Iran.  

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