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People close to Karzai targeted after Moscow meeting

17 Jun 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report

KABUL: Relatives, friends and other people close to the

former president Hamid Karzai have been attacked, killed, injured and detained,

sources said.

Sher Mohammad Akhondzada, a member of parliament said Monday

that the attacks were launched just after the second round of the intra-Afghan

dialogues held late April in Moscow.

Another sources said that the houses of people close to

Karzai were bombarded by the US and Afghan forces in the provinces of Kandahar

and Uruzgan.

Sources also said that the residence of Shah Wali Karzai,

brother of Hamid Karzai was targeted by airstrikes in Kandahar.

The attacks come after Karzai’s recent meeting with the US

special envoy for Afghan peace, Zalmay Khalilzad in Kabul.

During the meeting in which the US troops’ general commander

in Afghanistan, Scott Miller was also present, Karzai said that the US doesn’t

want peace in Afghanistan. He said that words for peace and continuing aerial

and ground attacks against civilians were in contrast.

Shah Wali Karzai’s house was attacked by rockets and a

bodyguard of his was killed just after criticisms made by Karzai to Miller.

A few days ago, Dastgir Khan, a police officer in Uruzgan

province was arrested by Afghan and US forces and was brought to Kabul.


Taliban representatives meet Iranian officials in Tehran

AT News Report

KABUL: A delegation from Taliban visited Iran to hold talks

with Iranian officials after meeting Chinese authorities in Beijing and just

before holding the seventh round of talks with the US envoy for Afghan peace,

Zalmay Khalilzad in Qatar.

Wahid Mojda, a political analyst said Monday that the

delegation would discuss peace negotiations, recent developments and some other

issues with Iranian officials.

The US has reportedly pressured Taliban to sit with the

representatives of Afghan government in Islamabad, but the insurgents have


Some members of parliament believe that Taliban do not more

trust in the US and their visits to the neighboring states are because of their

doubt to Washington. They say that Taliban ask neighboring states to recognize


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