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'Taliban know what you have achieved', Miller tells Afghan security officials in Helmand

18 Jun 2019 1TV News

2019-06-18 | 4 minute ago

Resolute Support Commander General Scott Miller and top Afghan security officials met in southern Helmand province, on Tuesday to discuss security.

The meeting in the provincial governor’s palace involved Deputy Defense Minister LTG Yasin Zia, Helmand Provincial Governor Brig. Gen. Mohammad Yasin Khan, Helmand Provincial Chief of Police Isahmudin Helmandi and 215th Corps Commander Brig. Gen. Abdul Hadi Tharin.

“We have a very well-coordinated team. We shifted from defensive to offensive and took ground back. The people know the difference. The people know when the government and the security forces are supporting them. The Taliban mistreat the people,” said Helmand Governor Mohammad Yasin Khan.

215th Corps Commander Brig. Gen. Abdul Hadi Tharin said :“We are appointing leaders based on merit and abilities. We are fighting corruption. We are here to serve the people.”

Isahmudin Helmandi, the provincial police chief said: “The people want security, they can see the improvements, they support the police.”

“We will help you from Kabul but we expect to see results; Results in what you are doing to serve the people,” Afghan Deputy Defense Minister Yasin Zia said.

Miller said: “I am very focused on protecting the security forces and civilians. I want to say thank you to the leaders of Helmand. I know the difficulties but I know what you have achieved and I want to congratulate you for that. And the Taliban know what you have achieved. Resolute Support is firmly in support of what you do.”

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