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US says may soon conclude counterterrorism commitments draft with Taliban

20 Jun 2019 1TV News

2019-06-20 | 21 minute ago

The United States has said that it may conclude soon a draft text outlining the Taliban's commitments to ensure Afghan soil is never against used for international terrorism.

“Regarding terrorism, we have made progress and may soon be in a position to conclude a draft text outlining the Taliban’s commitments to ensure Afghan soil is never again used for international terrorism,” Rodney Hunter, the political coordinator of the U.S. mission to the United Nations, said during a U.N. Security Council meeting on Afghanistan on Wednesday.

“Of course, we need to be mindful of the implementation and enforcement of these counterterrorism commitments,” Hunter said.

Referring to the issue of troop withdrawal, the diplomat said that the US has made clear to the Taliban that it is prepared to reduce its forces.

“However, we have not agreed to numbers or a timeline with the Taliban,” Hunter said. “The final disposition of foreign forces will be determined with the post-peace government.”

Hunter said that all parties agree that finalizing a US=Taliban understanding on terrorism and foreign troop presence will open the door for intra-Afghan dialogue and negotiations.

He welcomed Germany’s commitment with Qatar to convene and intra-Afghan dialogue in Doha in early July, which he hoped would endorse need for intra-Afghan negotiations.

Hunter said that the objective of those negotiations is for Afghans to agree on a timeline and a political roadmap for reaching a comprehensive peace agreement. He also emphasized on sustaining the social and human rights gains of the past 18 years.

“Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, and the peace process will only end when Afghans reach a comprehensive understanding on a political roadmap to end the war,” Hunter said.

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