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Afghanistan veteran who launched sex attacks on three lone women jailed for 22 years

09 Jul 2019 Daily Mail Online

Private Joshua Jolly, 27, grabbed his three victims from behind as they walked alone in the early hours

A paratrooper who served in Afghanistan was today jailed for 22 years after turning sex predator to attack lone women in the street.

Private Joshua Jolly, 27, grabbed his three victims from behind as they walked alone in the early hours.

Soldier Jolly left his base with 1 Para in St Athan, South Wales, to travel into Cardiff to stage the sex attacks on the terrified women.

A court heard he wrestled the women to the ground and sexually assaulted them - on two occasions covering their mouths to stop them from screaming.

Jason Howells, prosecuting, told how one woman was walking to work when she noticed Jolly walking behind her.

He said: 'She turned round several times and noticed that he was still following her even though she'd crossed the road and was hiding behind a van.

'Jolly then ran up behind her and dragged her to the floor as his victim screamed for him to stop.

'He told her to be quiet and said he wanted to have sex.'

Jolly then banged her head against the pavement and penetrated her with his fingers before running away down the street.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Jolly had driven past his victim in his wife's Volvo before doing a u-turn and parking up before his attack.

Two other victims were attacked in similar ways - stalking the women in his car and then chasing them down on foot before fleeing the scene.

Ahead of his second attack in October 2018, Jolly booked a car from his RAF St Athan in South Wales, where he was a private in the parachute regiment, to travel to a training day.


But he sexually assaulted his victim in Cardiff on his way back to base.

Jolly was arrested at his home in Tonyrefail and denied being involved - claiming for the third attack that he was in the area to meet a prostitute.

He later pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, assault with intent to commit a sexual offence, sexual assault and assault be digital penetration.

Victim statements from the three women were read to the court, describing the psychological pain inflicted on them by Jolly.

One woman's said: 'Since the moment this man attacked me I have had flashbacks.

'Every time I close my eyes the images play out in front of me in slow motion like a horror movie.'

Another said: 'This incident totally affected me and the way I go about my life.

'I have always been care free and sociable but now I don't want to go out. It has disconnected me from friends because I can't bear the thought of them looking at me differently.

'This has completely and totally hurt me and the people around me.'

All of the women also suffered physical injuries as a result.

Byram Broadstock, defending, said: 'This is a service man. A soldier and has served on the front line in Afghanistan.

'He witnessed harrowing acts of violence during his service and there is convincing evidence of post traumatic stress disorder in relation to his experiences.

'He recognises the impact his offending has had on his victims.'

Jolly was handed a 22-year extended sentence and ordered to sign the sex offenders register.

Recorder of Cardiff, Eleri Rees said: 'In each case you targeted women walking home in the early hours of the morning.

'You used violence and force in an attempt to have sex with them - a terrifying ordeal for each of them.

'The psychological impact has been significant for each victim.

'The impact will remain with each of these women for a considerable time if not for the rest of their lives.'

Wendy Brady of the CPS said: 'Joshua Jolly subjected these women to a terrifying ordeal for his own pleasure.

'Advice and guidance given by the CPS helped to build a strong case which resulted in these guilty pleas.'

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