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Norway, Germany seeking to host Kabul-Taliban talks

10 Jul 2019 1TV News

به دری بخوانید2019-07-10 | 19 minute ago

Norway and Germany are seeking to host peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban, sources told 1TV on Wednesday.

The talks will be held after the announcement of a timeline for withdrawal of foreign troops, according to sources.

The United States and the Taliban concluded their seventh round of talks on Tuesday.

Ghairat Baheer, a member of the delegation that participated in intra-Afghan dialogue with Taliban in Doha, said that US top negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad had told them that they were close to an agreement.

The two-day intra-Afghan dialogue was attended by government officials, civil society, women and Taliban representatives.

Laila Jafari, a participant of the meeting, said that she had told the Taliban during writing of the declaration of the conference that they wouldn’t accept return of Taliban’s lashing of women.

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