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Taliban accuse US of transferring Daesh terrorists from Syria, Iraq to Afghanistan

10 Jul 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report

KABUL: The Taliban accuse the United States of transporting

fighters affiliate with Daesh terrorist group from Iraq and Syria to

Afghanistan and arming them, an allegation made amid serious talks between the

militant group and Washington over ending the 18-year long war in Afghanistan.

Mohammad Nabi Omari, a member of Taliban negotiating team said

Wednesday that Daesh is against Islam and rejects Muslims as apostates except

its own affiliates.

“Officials in Ghani government and tribal elders admit that

the United States relocates Daesh fighters from one province to another.

Taliban besieged Daesh fighters in Jawzjan province during the holy month of

Ramazan, but the government and US intelligence rescued them by helicopters and

took them to Kabul,” Omari said.

The Daesh terrorist group which first emerged in the Middle

Eastern countries of Syria and Iraq, were defeated by these countries’ armies

and people and have no place now there. Omari said that the United States found

Afghanistan a good place to locate the fighters and brought them here.

Omari has told the Russia Today broadcaster that Taliban 60

per cent of the Afghan ground under control.

“Ashraf Ghani controls half of Kabul. He is the president

only by name and has no control on the provinces, while 60 per cent of Afghan

soil is under Taliban control.”

He said that Taliban first try to reach a deal with the US

through negotiations and would begin talks with Afghan government once a

timetable for the US withdrawal was prepared.

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