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Afghans should be proud of ANDSF: Gen Miller

11 Jul 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report

KABUL: Afghan and Coalition leadership attended a security

shura today (Thursday) with security pillars in Faryab province, where General

Scott Miller, Resolute Support Commander said that Afghans should proud of

Afghan security forces.

Brigadier General Khoshal Sadat, Ministry of Interior Senior

Deputy Minister Security, Dr. Yasin Zia, Deputy Minister of Defense, Abdul

Matin Bek, Chairman of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance, and

General Scott Miller, Resolute Support Commander met with Provincial Governor

Naqibullah Faiq and Provincial Chief of Police Brigadier General Mohamman


During the meeting General Miller said “You should be proud

of your ANDSF.” General Miller to Governor Faiq: “What I commit to you, to

Faryab, and to the people of Afghanistan is our continued support.”

During meeting, Provincial Governor, Naqibullah Faiq said;

“I want to thank the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and the

leadership for your support. Faryab is one of the safest areas because of the

great work of the ANDSF, they’ve taken back control of areas where the Taliban

attempted to control and collect taxes from the people. The ANDSF are now

securing these areas.”

Afghan National Army Special Operations Command Deputy

Commander, Brigadier General Ahmadzai said “We have been successful because of

the great partnership with the Provincial Governor and all the ANDSF. These

forces, with the Afghan National Army Territorial Forces are able to provide

security and deny the Taliban the opportunity to harm our people.”

Dr. Yasin Zia said “Faryab has turned in to a role model-

the great work here by the Provincial Governor and ANDSF has earned the support

of the people. You are retaking control, district by district.”

This comes as on Wednesday Afghan and Coalition leadership

attended a security shura with security pillars in Ghazni province. Asadullah

Khalid, Acting Minister of Defense, Sir Nicholas Kay, NATO Senior Civilian

Representative, General Scott Miller, Resolute Support Commander, and Brigadier

General Khoshal Sadat, Ministry of Interior Deputy Minister for Security, met

with Provincial Governor Wahidullah Kalimzai.

During meeting, General Miller was encouraged by the meeting

of “Afghan security leaders addressing Afghan security challenges.”

“I congratulate this leadership team, they are committed,

and they have the support of the coalition,” he said. “Lastly, my condolences

for the losses you and your fellow Afghans have suffered in this fight for


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