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Equal education opportunities should be ensured

13 Jul 2019 Raha Press

He pledged that students who failed to make it to the state-run  universities in Kankor exams would be provided with work and educational opportunities.The president expressed the view as his message after the results of the Kankor exams were unveiled. 

The president asked the students to get maximum advantage of the opportunities for their higher education, a statement from Presidential Palace said.The president in his message also thanked ministry of higher education and exams administration for their efforts in transparent holding of the entrance exams and promised that government would work with private sector to explore employment opportunities for those failed in the exam.The results of Kankoir exam was announced two days back. 

According to the Ministry of Higher Education 180,000 students registered for the exam and 170,000, including 70,000 girls managed to appear in the exam.

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