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ED: Expectations from Pakistan

14 Jul 2019 Afghanistan Times

Welcoming Pakistan

into important tri-partite meeting at Beijing, three countries believe that

Pakistan can play an important role in facilitating peace process in

Afghanistan, and thus sought its help in bringing peace and ending every sort

of hostilities and rifts in war-stricken Afghanistan. The two-day intra-Afghan

dialogue in Doha was followed by an urgent meeting of China, Russia and the

United States in Beijing on July 11, 2019. The trilateral meeting welcomed and

appreciated Pakistan into the consultation process aimed at seeking helping in

the settlement of the long standing issue, which is badly affecting the

regional peace in particular and rest of the world in general. According to a

statement issued after the meeting, Pakistan appreciated the constructive

efforts by the China-Russia-US trilateral consultation on the Afghan peace

process. The four sides exchanged views on the current situation and joint

efforts for realizing a political settlement to advance peace, stability and

prosperity of Afghanistan and the region. The four sides emphasized the

importance of the trilateral consensus on the Afghan peace process reached in

Moscow. All sides welcomed recent positive progress as the crucial parties

concerned have advanced their talks and increased contacts with each other. All

sides also welcomed intra-Afghan meetings held in Moscow and Doha. The four

sides called for relevant parties to grasp the opportunity for peace and

immediately start intra-Afghan negotiations between the Taliban, Afghan

government and other Afghans. They re-affirmed negotiations should be “Afghan-led

and Afghan-owned” and further agreed that these negotiations should produce a

peace framework as soon as possible. This framework should guarantee the

orderly and responsible transition of the security situation and detail an

agreement on a future inclusive political arrangement acceptable to all

Afghans. The four sides encouraged all parties to take steps to reduce violence

leading to a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire that starts with

intra-Afghan negotiations. The four sides agreed to maintain the momentum of

consultation, will invite other important stakeholders to join on the basis of

the trilateral consensus agreed in Moscow and this broader group will meet when

intra-Afghan negotiations start. The date and venue for the next consultation

will be agreed upon through diplomatic channels. In the wake of recent

developments, now three major world countries (US, China and Russia) sincerely

want an end to the conflict in Afghanistan, which has disturbed the regional

and neighboring countries. Even almost leading figures from both the sides are

also desirous for an end to decades long violence and bloodshed in the motherland.

Now when consensus for resolving of the issue is on rise, therefore,

responsibility rests not only with leaders of these three major countries but

also with the leaders and public opinion makers in Afghanistan to remain alert.

All those who favor fueling tension and crises in Afghanistan are known;

therefore, peace brokers need to remain vigilant from such elements at this

crucial stage. Return of peace, stability and tranquility in Afghanistan is in the

interest of world community in general and regional in particular. Therefore,

civil society organizations, intelligentsia and others may be encouraged

to push peace efforts towards its logical conclusions.

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