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Pentagon: In the past six months, at least 3,000 Afghan civilians have been sacrificed

14 Jul 2019 Pasbanan

Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahel

The Pentagon says that at least three thousand civilians were sacrificed in Afghanistan in the past six months, due to the violence of government armed opposition groups and other terrorists. A recent report by the Pentagon on civilian casualties has written: “3,200 civilians have been killed or wounded in Afghanistan in the past six months. At least 6 foreign troops have been killed and 55 others have been injured. In the six-month period from December 2018 to May 2019, 3,133 civilians were killed or injured, with 2213 are wounded and at least 950 were dead due to terror attacks. ”

The Pentagon added that more than 80 percent of the casualties are due to increase of Taliban and ISIS attacks. Meanwhile, clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban have increased in the north of the country, as in the latest case, the Taliban attack on one of the Faryab districts which have caused heavy casualties to the security forces of the country. In addition to launching the bloodiest attacks by the armed opposition in the civilian areas, have hit high the figures for these casualties and it has increased human rights violation.

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