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President Ghani lays foundation stone of “Administrative Complex”

14 Jul 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday laid the cornerstone of Darul Aman “Administrative Complex”, in order to simplify access to administrative services in Kabul, the capital city.

The Complex will be inspired by

Modern Islamic architecture patterns as well as classical inspiration sources

found during the reign of Timurid, Ghaznavid, GhoridandKhurasanid dynasties.

Speaking at the ceremony,

President Ghani said by completion of Administrative Complex, Kabul city will

be retuned back to its citizens—a city mentioned its beauty on several

poetries, he indirectly referred toward today’s showcase of Kabul city which is

resemble military bases.

Pointing to distribution of agriculture

lands by Chahardehi residents to King Amanullah Khan, he said today the hope of

construction of administrative complex have been fulfilled.

Our focus is not only Kabul, he

said, adding, administrative complexes will also be built in 27 provinces.

According to him, governmental

institution will be shifted to DarulAman Administrative Complex, where the

Kabul’s center will be changed to a culture midpoint, ChaharChata, BalaHesar

and KolHashmatKhan will be rehabilitated back.

“Kabul had no possessor, lack of

good governance was leaded to challenges in the city.”

Hinting toward over one billion

dollars, which need for construction of DarulAman Administrative Complex,

president Ghani, said “if we manage our state properties, we would able to collect

the needed amount for the complex.”

The complex will be built in two

phases in 100 acres near to DarulAman castle, which will be completed in 20

years. Initial work started on the first phase, which included 13 governmental

institutions and will be completed within next 10 years.

Meanwhile, work will be going on

over survey and design of second phase, where buildings for other 14

governmental institutions will be constructed.

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