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Khabib Talks About Facing Distractions Ahead Of UFC 242

01 Aug 2019 Wadsam Afghanistan Business News

Conor McGregor’s antics against Khabib Nurmagomedov ahead of

their fight last year were apparent and Khabib had to work hard to focus on the


Khabib beat McGregor at the fourth round by a rear naked


On September 7th, Khabib will be facing Dustin

Poirier in UFC 242 in Abu Dhabi to unify the lightweight and interim

lightweight belts.

This time he is facing a different kind of distraction which

does not involve insults from his rival.

Khabib spoke to RT Sport ahead of his second lightweight

title defense, and  stated that the lack

of pre-fight insults by Dustin Poirier does not affect him as he does not care

about heated rivalries.

“It’s not really necessary to have a verbal conflict to be

motivated. Motivation can be sporting, and I have that. Why not?” Stated


“When you go there and compete with a rival, it doesn’t

matter if it’s a fight, a sports competition, or in a gym, motivation is always

there. And I still have it. I’m not a 50-year-old, so I don’t have any problems

with motivation. Whether I have it or not, you’ll see on September 7.”

Khabib stated there will be some distractions though,

stating that his friends that are fighting on the undercard might distract him

as they are close to him and he does not want to see him lose.

However, he affirmed that “The main thing for them is to

motivate me for my victory. We’re hoping only for victory.”

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