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Pashtoon politician calls on Islamabad not to kill Afghans for Kashmir retaliation

07 Aug 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report

KABUL: A prominent Pashtoon

politician has demanded the government of Pakistan to be cautious at the

Kashmir latest tension with India, saying Islamabad should not take revenge by

killing Afghans.

Afrasiab Khattak said on

Wednesday that Pakistan needs to treat Afghans like brothers and sisters, not

enemies to be killed over Kashmir retaliation.

Pakistan’s relations with its

nuclear-power rival India is escalating as New Delhi revoked Jammu and

Kashmir’s special status, declaring curfew in the entire region.

The measure caused severe reaction

from Islamabad, with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government downgrading

diplomatic ties and suspending bilateral trade with India on Wednesday.

“What kind of a deal is this

that Afghans enjoy and celebrate peace, but in Kashmir, blood is shed? No, this

is not acceptable for us,” said Shahbaz Sharif, leader of the Muslim League

(N), an opposition party to Khan’s government.

Also, Pakistan’s former foreign

minister, Khwaja Asif who holds membership of Muslim League (N), also said that

Pakistan’s policy was to keep Afghan and Kashmir issues together, but “Imran

Khan separated these issues in a secret deal with the United States which was

harmful for Pakistan.

But Khattak said some

“narrow-minded politicians” in Islamabad consider Afghan peace as a grace to


He said that these politicians

want to get political and financial advantage from their cooperation with the

US. “They do not recognize this matter that war in the region will finally hurt

Pakistan,” said Khattak.

“The US is present in the

region today, but it will not be tomorrow, while Afghanistan will remain as a neighbor

to Pakistan forever.”

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