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Ghani: Want Afghanistan, not Talibistan

08 Aug 2019 1TV News

2019-08-08 | 17 minute ago

"We want Afghanistan, not Talibistan", President Ashraf Ghani said on Thursday.

Speaking at an election campaign gathering in eastern Paktia province, Ghani said that the Taliban may have forces but not experience to rebuild Afghanistan.

“Have they built anything. But they believe that Ashraf Ghani has the ability to build,” Ghani said.

He called on the Taliban to stop fighting to allow building.

He said that Afghans want peace with carefulness and in a dignified way and warned that the government would fight if the Taliban choose to fight.

“Fighting is easy, but brave is one who doesn’t spill blood,” Ghani said.

The president said that it is outsiders who celebrate the death of Afghans.

He called on the Taliban to stop taunting and insulting, saying it won’t help.

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