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Ghani Not a 'Healthy Competitor': Alkozai

08 Aug 2019 The Killid Group

KABUL (The Killid Group) – Presidential candidate Ibrahim Alkozai accused President Ghani of national treason and said he is not a "healthy competitor".

Incumbent President Ashraf Ghani is running for the 2019 presidential race, along with the 17 other politicians.

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul Thursday, Alkozai exclaimed that Ghani is a murderer and must spend the rest of his life in prison, adding "President Ghani is a national traitor and must be tried for national treason."

Alkozai recalling the allotted 5m Afghanis in celebration of Independence Day, said Ghani in the name of Independence Day used the budget for his presidential campaign.

·         UNAMA Urges Candidates to Conduct ‘Fair Campaign’

·         Afghanistan Launches Presidential Campaign for 2019 Elections

It comes after the United Nations Assistant Mission in Afghanistan urges all presidential candidates to conduct a "fair campaign" as indicated in Election Law, according to a statement by UNAMA.

"As the presidential election campaign period started on 28 July and runs to 25 September, all candidates and supporters are expected to engage in a fair campaign as outlined in the Election Law, the Independent Election Commission’s Code of Conduct for the candidates and regulations enacted by the Independent Election Commission," statement read.

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