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ED: Why not truce?

08 Aug 2019 Afghanistan Times

Violence has been intensified in Afghanistan in recent

months as the Taliban group trying level best to take more leverage through

means of war in negotiations with the US envoy over Afghanistan’s political

future. There is much doing round in media in regards to an agreement among US

and Taliban group and the draft has already finalized. Both sides claimed

progress during eight round of talks, even Zalmay Khalilzad termed it an

excellent progress—something in contrast with ground realty as the Taliban

group still pursue violent acts. As the talks continue, the violence worsen as

on Wednesday Taliban car bomber targeted a police station in Police District 6th,

in which hundreds of people, mostly civilians were killed and wounded. This

comes as the United Nations said July was the deadliest month with 1,500

civilians killed or wounded. This is a fact that Afghan civilians are the worst

victims. The more peace talks getting momentum the more Taliban increase its

evil designs by targeting public institutions, or carry attacks against Afghan

and foreign forces that again the victim are innocent Afghans. With all these

casualties, the Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada in

his message on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha has instructed his members to pay

full attention to protect people during Eid days. This is really funny. The

statement is nothing but to hide their failure to protect civilians. If the

Taliban are really caring about Afghan civilians, they must come up with different

statement and declared a comprehensive ceasefire. Trace is the only way to stop

spreading of innocent bloods. Last year’s surprise ceasefire come out from

Taliban as both sides halt operations against each other and that three-day

ceasefire over the Eid-al-Fitr was marked in the history of Afghanistan as

peaceful days where not a single incident happened. Similar act was the need of

the hour if the Taliban were really interested to end the decades long war. The

Taliban leader calls on his fighter to adopt necessary measures to protect

civilians, but he restrains to announce trace. Whatever could the intention,

but one thing is for must that Afghan people will never accept Taliban to make

comeback the way they were during their regime. In the wake of ongoing peace

talks, it is better for the group to change their violence attitude and

reintegrate into civil society peacefully as means of war no more works here.

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