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Editorial: Afghans celebrated Eid amid tight security

13 Aug 2019 Afghanistan Times

The Afghan masses celebrated Eid-ul-Adha amidst violence

acts and fears of further deadly terrorist attacks as just days before Eid there

was huge blast in Kabul, in which many people were killed and wounded. As the

Muslims around the world have celebrated the Eid, the Afghan also joined the

festivity with hope of truce between Afghan government and Taliban that did not

happen. Rather, ministry of interior said Taliban planned 13 attacks that were

nullified by Afghan security forces. It totally also rejected reports about an

informal ceasefire by Taliban group. No trace at all and the Afghan security

forces had ensured tight security. Fortunately, there is no formal reports of

any terrorist incidents across the country. Reacting to what appeared that

Taliban had observed an indirect truce on the Eid days, security officials said

it has no base. Moreover, Taliban were also accused of lying that the group

released 76 Afghan security forces. On 10th August Taliban said they

have released 76 Afghan forces in various provinces across the country on the

occasion of Eid. But again security officials said so far they haven’t seen any

reports from local security personnel saying any prisoners were released

either. First no official ceasefire, second no releasement of prisoners. What

Taliban group are up to at this crucial moment when its leaders concluded eight

round of talks in Qatar. Some reports even said the draft of the agreement is

finalized and likely till next week agreement between US and Taliban will be

inked. US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad hoped this is the last Eid where

Afghanistan is at war. However, he emphasized over a lasting, honorable peace

agreement and a sovereign Afghans which poses no threat to any other country.

Moreover, he said many scholars believe that the deeper meaning of Eid-ul-Adha

is to sacrifice one’s ego. He directly called on leaders on all sides of the

war in Afghanistan that take this to heart as they strive for peace. When it

comes about peace, ego must be perished and all sides think logically to end

this war which is taking civilian lives on daily basis. With the ongoing peace

talks and the Eid itself is a great platform for Taliban to understand that war

brings nothing but devastation. As ego is concern, Kabul administration and

Taliban group must not sacrifice Afghan civilians for egos only. Deeply

thinking, Taliban are more stuck in their egos as they time and again rejected

peace talks with Afghan government and even did not accept trace nor taken

efforts to reduce violence.

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