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Pedram Says 'Others' Decide for us in Elections

15 Aug 2019 The Killid Group

KABUL (The Killid Group) – Presidential candidate Abdul Latif Pedram says Afghans should decide on the future of their country and not "others", as he appeared at his first election campaign rally in Kabul Thursday.

He stressed the need for establishing a federal government in the country, which he believes will ensure an equal right to all citizens of Afghanistan.

"Our difference with other candidates is that we want to change the system. Clearly, our team and all of us are federalists and republicans. We want a federal government,"Pedram said, as quoted by Tolonews.

"We are not against talks with the Taliban, but it is only acceptable for us if it is run by a federal government," he added.

Pedram said he will not allow discrimination against women and that he has proper plans for women empowerment.

Meanwhile, the Candidate reflecting on the role of neighboring countries said, "regional countries have priority for us in our foreign policy and we want good relations with neighboring countries and we don't have any problem with the Durand line with Pakistan and that is an officials' frontier," Pedram said.

Afghan Presidential Elections are scheduled on September 28, where at least 18 candidates are running in their bid to secure seat for the next term of leadership.

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