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Afghan forces able to defend country after foreign troops leave: acting minister

15 Aug 2019 1TV News

2019-08-15 | 17 minute ago

Afghan forces are able to defend the country independently if foreign troops leave, the country's Acting Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid has said.

Khalid said that there was no sign that all NATO and US forces would exit Afghanistan.

“But the day we head to defending independently, Afghan forces will be able to defend Afghanistan,” Khalid said.

Troop withdrawal has been one of key issues in talks between the United States and the Taliban, who appear close to reaching an agreement.

Meanwhile, US commander of international forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, praised Afghan forces, saying the political process wouldn’t be possible without their efforts and sacrifice.

“We will continue to provide same support we are providing today to the Afghan forces,” Miller said.

“I am always looking at ways to optimize the force structure here in Afghanistan,” he said. “But again, ultimately, we will take our guidance from our leadership. But we will be prepared in any case and the partnership remains strong.”

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