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Pidram promises ‘Federal Islamic Republic of Khorasan’

15 Aug 2019 Salam Watandar

KABUL (SW) – Presidential candidate Abdul Lateef Pidram of the Freedom, Justice and Security team on Thursday launched his election campaign.

Addressing his maiden election rally here, Pidram said he would transform the current system of government into ‘Federal Islamic Republic of Khorasan’. He said his election team would only approve a peace deal with the Taliban if it is within the framework of a federal system of government.

Criticizing the policies of the National Unity Government, Pidram said while addressing his supporters that he would introduce a socio-economic system in the country after victory in the presidential polls.  

The Freedom, Justice and Security team is the seventh presidential election candidate launching its election campaign.

This comes as the election observers have said the campaign for the forthcoming presidential polls remains dull. The campaign would run until two days are left for the September 28 polls later this year.


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