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Jihadi Figures Urge ‘Good Peace Deal’ To Avoid Crisis

16 Aug 2019 Tolo News

A number of Afghanistan’s prominent former Jihadi leaders said that to avoid a potential uncertainty in the country, there is a need to seal a good peace deal that could reflect the aspirations of the entire people of the country.  


Mohammad Ismail Khan, a member of the Jamiat-e-Islami party, said that a civil war can happen in the country if there isn't a good peace deal in the future. 


Mr. Khan who served in high-level government positions during former President Hamid Karzai’s government says that if the government and some other people who got political claim must keep in mind that the people of Afghanistan have got millions of weapons in their homes. 


“God forbid, we could engage in a new internal problem. The international community, the Afghan government and those who have political claims should not underestimate this issue because there is another big and committed force here inside Afghanistan and also there are millions of weapons at homes,” said Mr. Khan. 


Saleh Mohammad Registani, another anti-Soviet comrade says that the Taliban are attempting to enter into the peace process and in the political arena of Afghanistan through weapons which could influence him to be prepared alongside other Jihadi leaders to defend the people of Afghanistan against possible threats in the future. 


“The Taliban are looking to keep their weapons and their territory both and enter into the political scene of the power. This doesn’t mean peace but a fragile ceasefire and such a move can spark another war. If the Taliban try to enter into peace with weapons, this will not be peace. In that case, of course, we will consider some measure to defend our people,” Mr. Registani said pointing at efforts on peace efforts as the Afghans impatiently wait to see what comes out of the recent talks between the US and the Taliban in Doha. 

Meanwhile, Mohammad Mohaqiq, another powerful Afghan Jihadi and political figure who has commanded fierce battles against the Taliban in the past says that if the Afghan government fails to form an inclusive peace negotiating team for talking peace with the Taliban, any negotiation with the group will not yield an outcome and instead, this will push the nation towards a new crisis. 


Mr. Mohaqiq says that the peace negotiating team should represent all ethnic groups of Afghanistan and also there should be a role for the Afghan political parties in the process. 


“An issue in Afghanistan that we talk about is the redline which is the issue of the Islamic republic on which we will not compromise. I don’t say it from my own, I say it on behalf of a major segment of the people of Afghanistan and a firm majority,” said Mr. Mohaqiq. 


This comes at a time that many Afghans in the country have concerns over a possible compromise on the gains the country has made in its strides towards democracy in the past eighteen years. 

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