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ANDSF Retrieve the Fallen Districts in Badakhshan

11 Sep 2019 The Killid Group

BADAKHSHAN (The Killid Group) – Afghan security forces retrieved at least two districts, Kiran and Manjan, after being under control of the Taliban militants for several months, local authorities said in a statement. According to the statement released Wednesday, Haji Abdul Malik, a local commander in the Kiran and Manjan districts, who had recently surrendered to the Taliban, was revitalized this morning and regained control of the districts from the Taliban. In his reviving operation, Malik with his at least 40 members, in support of the Afghan security forces, breakthrough in operation and revived the districts, the statement said. The Kiran and Manjan districts had been fallen into Taliban's had roughly two months ago, which has been retrieved. The post ANDSF Retrieve the Fallen Districts in Badakhshan appeared first on The Killid Group.

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