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‘Better to be right than fast’, US says on Afghan election

09 Oct 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report KABUL: The US Embassy in Kabul in a tweet on Wednesday called on “everyone to respect the time required” for the Afghan election organizations to finish processing the votes, saying it is “better to be right than fast.” This comes US deputy ambassador, Karen Decker after visiting one of the National Tally Center (NTC), said that “there is no place for fraud” in Afghan presidential polls held on September 28th. The embassy on Tuesday on its twitter page praised the employees of the independent election commission, adding, “appreciate the chance to visit the NTC and see firsthand the hard work of Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC).” The embassy furthered the voters deserve to have transparent and impartial votes in the election. In his meeting with the head and commissioner of the IEC, Decker has announced US support from the Afghan election. “US has investigated on democracy during past 20 years and is ready to assist in the 20 next years as well,” he added.  Head of the IEC, Hawa Alam Nooristani has assured the electoral bodies would remain impartial and neutral regarding the election process. This comes as earlier a number of the presidential hopefuls have expressed concerns over fraudulence and corruption in the election commissions. The candidates have called on the election commissions to consider the non-biometric votes as invalided. On the other hand, the IEC also emphasized on counting of biometric votes, saying that the non-biometric votes mean as baseless and death.

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