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Ongoing Fighting In Six Districts of Faryab: Residents

10 Oct 2019 Tolo News

The residents of northwestern Faryab province on Thursday said that clashes between government forces and the Taliban have occurred regularly in six districts over the past several months.

A number of residents have been displaced due to the clashes, and are appealing to the central government to take action.

Military officials in the province stated that “operations will be launched to clear Maimana, Bilcheragh, Garizwan and Pashtoon Koot districts.”

“Clashes are ongoing in Dawlat Abad, Andkhoy, Pashtoon Koot and Almar districts,” said Fawzia Raofi, an MP from Faryab. “When night comes, the people fear a fight could start at anytime.”

Residents also said that civilians are the main victims of the ongoing clashes in the districts, and that many of the families have been displaced from their homes.

“People are suffering, mortar rounds are landing everywhere, and we don’t know what we can do,” said Abdullah, a resident of Pashtoon Koot.

Some residents have joined with military officials to fight against the insurgents in their areas.

“The schools are closed, and the clinics are facing problems. There is no electricity in Pashtoon Koot and no proper drinking water,” said Hamid Saifi, a military commander in Faryab.

Military officials say that forces have already launched operations around Maimanna to eliminate the insurgent threat.

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