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US marine who rescued a stray dog after seeing it in Afghanistan reveals how the pet saved HIM

28 Oct 2019 Daily Mail Online

A US marine and Purple Heart recipient who rescued a stray dog from bombardments in Afghanistan and smuggled him home has revealed how the animal later saved him from post-traumatic stress.

Craig Grossi described meeting his dog Fred in a remote part of the war-torn country while the Marine RECON force - the most elite soldiers in the Corps - were under incessant barrages from the Taliban in 2010.

He first saw the animal 'bouncing around the battlefield in between gunfights,' Grossi told Fox News, and later went to see the dog when the fighting died down.

Despite being malnourished and covered in flies, Grossi told the broadcaster the dog was wagging its tail, 'I was like, "Are you kidding me?" This dog has nothing to wag his tail about.'

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Craig Grossi met Fred in 2010 while serving with the Marine RECON force in a remote area of Afganistan

After returning from Afghanistan Grossi went back to school at Georgetown University where he wrote the memoir about his dog between studies

Grossi said the first moments he spent with the dog sent the biggest message to him about how we should all go about our lives, something he calls 'stubborn positivity.'

He gave Fred some beef jerky and from that moment on the dog began following him around. 

'When we feel completely justified in reacting negatively, in calling someone a name, in doing something nasty or you know just honking your horn a little too long ... those are the moments we need to dig deep and find a reason to wag our tails,' Grossi told Fox. 


Along with his comrades - breaking regulations - Grossi smuggled the dog into Camp Leatherneck in a duffel bag and managed to convince a sympathetic vet and crew of DHL workers into getting him back to the US. 

Grossi was able to have Fred put on a flight home so that the dog arrived to his family in Virginia before Thanksgiving in 2010, before Grossi did.

When he did return home wounded, Grossi described feeling 'pretty angry and pretty frustrated,' but it was Fred who helped lift him out of post-traumatic stress.

Grossi said after he saved Fred, when he returned home to the States it was the dog's turn to save him

He began taking the dog out with him and found many people would stop him and ask what breed Fred was because of his remarkable appearance.

At first Grossi said he brushed it off because he did not want to address his time in Afghanistan, but later opened up and found people were very interested.

Grossi, who now lives in Washington DC, works with veterans organisations and has written a memoir about his service and his dog 'Craig & Fred.'

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