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Khalilzad’s dismissal suggestion illogical

06 Nov 2019 Afghanistan Times

AT News Report KABUL: Political analysts reject demand by a member of senate over the dismissal of Zalmay Khalilzad as the US envoy for Afghan peace, saying that only the president is authorized for such demands. Asef Seddiqi, a member of senate had called earlier on the US department of state to replace Khalilzad with another diplomat to run peace negotiations with Taliban, accusing Khalilzad of seeking his personal interests in the negotiations. The lawmakers also rejected the demand of Khalilzad’s dismissal as “illogical”. Political analysts said on Wednesday that opposition to Khalilzad is because of his Afghan background and peace mission. The national unity government seems not happy with Khalilzad’s role as peace envoy. Political analysts call Khalilzad a good choice for the peace running, saying because he is the son of an Afghan. President Ghani’s office has not yet commented on the demand, but his national security adviser had criticized Khalilzad in summer.

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