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Abdullah: ‘Halt the recount, would not accept results’

10 Nov 2019 Salam Watandar

KABUL (SW) - Abdullah Abdullah, head of the Stability and Partnership team, on Sunday vowed not to accept results of the presidential polls as the recount begins across the country.

Addressing a gathering here, the presidential candidate said his election observers have boycotted the vote recount process hence the outcome would not be acceptable. In a clear reference to his opposite team of State Builder, Abdullah said they want to count votes balloted a day before and even after the actual day of the voting.

“Some people have filled the ballot boxes on the night of polls and are now using the technical glitches as excuse and insist upon the recount ahead of the sorting process”, he said. Abdullah urged the Independent Election Commission to perform its legal duetis and stop the recount otherwise would face serious reactions.

The Stability and Partnership team also urged the security institutions not to stand against the people. He promised not to engage in talks for a unity government as he did in 2014, and would instead defend the rights of his voters. Abdullah added the State Builder team would be responsible for any crisis emerging from such a situation.


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