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Afghan-Pak diplomatic relations on verge of an end

10 Nov 2019 Afghanistan Times

By Shamim Shahid Amidst possible resumption of US led peace efforts in Afghanistan, its diplomatic relations with Pakistan is on verge of collapse when foreign offices of both the countries are engaged in exchange of harsh words, blaming each others for harassing of diplomats and cross points insertions. So far Afghanistan has locked its Consulate General in Peshawar on the grounds of a dispute on the grounds of its ownership whereas in reaction Pakistan has halted Visa release through Embassy in Kabul. However, after a break of single day, Pakistan announced issuing of Visa’s to patients. But in both Kabul, Islamabad diplomats are passing through what it called an era of worst king of fears. All those nationalist political parties, groups or individuals who are talking about friendships and cordial relations with Afghanistan are being dubbed as “traitors and anti-Pakistan.” The deteriorating relations between the two neighboring countries are badly affecting the Pushtioons living on both sides of the Durand Line. Almost of these people are depending in bilateral trade between the two countries but now they become jobless. Increasing unemployment in the region could be harmful to the very interests of both the countries in near future. Relations between the two countries are worsening day by day at the time when Pakistan has opened another crossing point (corridor) with India at Kartarpur and announced maximum relief for the Sikh pilgrims. And talking about strengthening of friendship with India is ironic at the time of ending of Indian Kashmir’s special status. Whereas Pakistan and Afghanistan are announcing sanctions and restrictions against each others on daily bases badly affecting bilateral trade and traveling. However, Pakistani authorities acts like opening of Kartarpur crossing points, incentives and reliefs for Sikh pilgrims and fuelling enmity with Afghanistan fuelling tension and sense of deprivations amongst the Pakhtoons population with each passing day. The Pakhtoons and Baluchs not only from Pakistan but scattered throughout the world are condemning what they called Pakistan’s duel standard, especially “discrimination based policies” towards Afghanistan. From last several days, Pakistan earning hate and anger of Pakhtoons through social media, which confirms “unification” on matters of mutual interests which might be harmful to the very interests of Pakistan and rest of South Asian region as well.

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