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Improved walnut yield faces lack of market

10 Nov 2019 Salam Watandar

FAIZABAD (SW) – According to officials at the Badakhshan agriculture department, the walnut yield in the province has tripled compared to previous years.

According to officials, the total yield of walnut in the past year was up to 2,000 tons, but this year it has reached to 6,000 tons.

Nassir Ahmad Ahmadi, head of the agriculture affairs at the directorate of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, told Salam Watandar that the crop yield has increased threefold compared to last year, after the government’s increased support to farmers in recent years and the improved environmental conditions.

The farmers have, however, lamented the lack of market access. They told SW that despite the high yield, lack of market meant the farmers could not earn more money.

An expert on agriculture affairs, Mashal, said the government can certainly do more in terms of improving market access, packaging and processing.

In the local market, up to seven kilogram walnut is sold at a throw away price of AFN 1000 only.


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